New Ads for Baptist Health Systems


When doing advertising jobs you usually work with hired talent.  The goal is to make the models look right at home in whatever environment you put them in to get across the story/branding that the client hired you to achieve. During the Summer I was hired by one of my long time clients, Baptist Health Systems, to produce and shoot a couple of ads for them featuring real patients that have had surgeries done with the latest technology, Robotic Surgery.  This new less invasive type of surgery had the patients up and back doing the things they love in half the time it would have taken them with traditional surgery.   The concept was to show these individuals back in action doing what they love.

The shoot called for 4 locations all across the greater Miami Area in half a day.  With the help of my assistant Alex Kolyer ( a great photographer himself) we pulled off the shoots despite 90 degree plus temperatures in the morning and a torrential downpour in the afternoon.  Wonderful graphic art designer Denise Ledee Winston laid out the ads.





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