Flo Rida: From the Archive

Having grown up in Miami/ South Florida my whole life I have a certain affinity for folks that grow up in Miami, rising from nothing to make it big. Hip hop sensation Tramar Dillard, better known as Flo Rida, is one of these folks.  He was born and raised in Carol City, Fl. by his single mother  who raised him and his 7 sisters.  A little while after Flo Rida’s  hit album titled Low dropped, Joshua Prezant Photography was assigned by  XXL Magazine to photograph the artist.  The photo editor and great guy all around , Mike D,  wanted him photographed in the areas of where he grew up.  The magazine wanted to get away from the South Beach image that was regularly portrayed in magazines when they talk about Miami.  With less then a day notice my team was off to scout for some locations.  Not knowing how much of a entourage to expect we had to make sure any location could accommodate several cars and people.  Without time to get permits from the city we had to relay on our contacts in the community to give us permission to photograph on private property ( it pays to have grown up where you work).  However, none of that was necessary as his came to the shoot with a couple of people and a big smile.  We did not have too much time with Flo Rida as he had several other media event booked for the day.  But with the help of my assistant Noelle (also a fine photographer) and a easy going subject we were able to knock out several set ups.

It was a true pleasure working with Flo Rida.

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