Tear Sheet: The Plant lady

One of the great things about my business is the fact that I get to meet wonderful people from all walks of life.  Young and old, rich and poor, outgoing and shy, and artistic and intellectual.  My team and I get a peek into a slice of life for these people and their worlds.

Paloma Teppa, owner, of Plant the Future, was one of these wonderful people that we get to meet.    Teppa is an Argentina born and Italian fine arts trained industrial artist and her medium is plants.  She uses live plants and flowers to create miniature sculptured gardens. Joshua Prezant Photography was commissioned by Miami Magazine to photograph Teppa at her store.  Teppa was a great subject that was willing to try any of the setups I have thought of.  One of these included her sitting on a piece of her work literally on top of a spiky cactus!!

Tear Sheet


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