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Tear Sheet: Forbes Magazine

Saturday, April 23rd, 2011

Forbes Magazine jumps for Miami photographer Joshua Prezant

The call comes in from the Forbes Magazine photo editor that they need a high energy photo of four very young entrepreneurs that created and run Summit Series.  They are creating offbeat, successful, business conferences that have  attracted thousands of influential attendees and a star panels of billionaires, philanthropists and disruptors that would make the older, better connected organizers of Davos and Ted jealous.   As it happens I knew exactly who these guys were as I photographed them a year before for the Washington Post Magazine.  Having got to know the guy on the last shoot ( a documentary  behind the scene shoot of one of there conferences in South Beach), I knew they would be up for most anything.

My team and I began the process of scouting locations and brainstorming for ideas.  We only had about a day to plan before the shoot and a small window to photograph the guys as they were a few days away from the start of there new conference Summit at Sea.  The location became a moving target that was changing every hour because we needed to make sure we had all four people together. With this in mind we planned for everything and brought enough lighting equipment to be ready for anything and any turns in the weather that happened.  We also secured a large trampoline for one location ( where we ended up shooting). It ended up that we only had about 15 minutes to do two setups ( the primary one and then a more straight forward tight picture of the 4). All the planning paid off and we had a great shoot and the client was thrilled.

Elliott Bisnow - Founder ( white T shirt) Brett Leve - Cofounder ( button down plaid shirt) Jeffery Rosenthal - Cofounder ( peace love t shirt) Jeremy Schwartz- Cofounder ( White pants)